Friday, 3 February 2012

John Peel [Akara Colt & To Rococo Rot] 27.10.99

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out


  1. Hi, this is Steve (TK), aka SIG admin, from the Peel Wiki. Many thanks for this excellent blog! The sound quality of the recordings is really something. Just a query: where did you get the Ikara Colt set from? If you look at the page I did for this show date (, they were not part of that Peel programme or any other from Sound City that week, but he back announces them! Maybe a follow on from Lammo (as all the SC progs that week were four hours)?

    1. Hay, Thanks for the feedback. I think your right in saying that they came from Lammo's show through to Peel. The recording from this show came from tape. Most of the recordings are from digital set top box to mini disc. 3 more sessions today & every Friday till they run out.