Friday, 25 May 2012

John Peel [Fortdax Session] 25.08.04

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out


  1. John told me I was, as far as he could recall, the only artist who'd ever sat in on the broadcast of their own pre-recorded session. I said 'Really? - why?', and he replied - 'because no-one ever asked to before'. I'm always be thankful that I did. One of the most memorable nights of my life. Irreplaceable, forever missed. Thank you for sharing, Dx xxx

  2. Nice one,...How did you find this blog?. So good of you to get in touch,...Yeah I've never heard of the artist being there with John,...Unless they are playing live. John dose sound nervous talking to you. Great session & thanks again for getting in touch. All the best. Lee, Peace*

  3. Thanks very much, Lee. I found the blog as I've been building a FortDax website on & off that will include the session too (and just wanted to see if it was already available online). We drank red wine together that night and watched Liverpool sail through a European tie. Afterwards, he invited me upstairs to his (chaotic) office and gave me the hand-typed notes for the show, still titled 'Kat's Karavan'. He died exactly two months later. I'll never forget the night or the man - his contribution, perennial enthusiasm and influence are astonishing. Your blog is a fine tribute. P.S. I have a collection of session tapes dating back to 1986, and have long had a loose idea about creating something similar, but for earlier years than yours. Perhaps we should amalgamate!